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Create this mod for me, please. Force interior ship combat. Space difficulty slider. Etc.


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I struggle to enjoy Starfield unmodded.

Luckily there's so many good mods already that have helped me start to get into the game.


My biggest issue with the game right now..


I want nothing to do with Space combat..

it's just not my thing.


I enjoy traveling space but the combat is so infuriating.


Mod ideas


Space difficulty slider:

Allow space combat to be on easy difficulty while the rest of the game can be on very hard.


Force interior ship combat:

Instead of shooting from ship to ship the game will force you into each ship one by one for an all out interior conflict.

I imagine a prompt, possibly a generated AI voice line "Let's do this the old fashion way, board up and let's settle this right here, right now"

or something on those lines.

After each conflict, a prompt pops up to board the next ship until the final prompt to undock.

Each ship will be idle in space after you loot them and then they can be destroyed for cargo/materials.


Decide space combat by a card game or roll of dice:

yes this might be my silliest but simplest idea yet..

inspired by The Witcher gwent potion mod.. instead of fighting ship to ship, open up a card game such as blackjack or gwent.

anything to keep me away from having to fight in these darn ships. Possibly roll multiple dice to decide the outcome.



Skip space combat:

a simple skip prompt that ends space combat and stops fights in their track.


Travel star systems without limits or multiple prompts


Turn based ship fights

Imagine playing a simple turn based fight with health, missiles, movement, and shield allocation.

Heck, even a rock paper scissors or dice system would do.


If anyone can make one of these mods come true, I would be truly grateful.

Thank you.

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