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Mod Request - Interstellar Based Main Menu (Black Hole)


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Hello everyone,

I have seen a few Main Menu replacers for Starfield and this got me thinking, why not put in a realistic looking loop animated black hole with "Starfield" written in the middle paired with a "cover" of Hans Zimmers "No Time For Caution" soundtrack from the movie Interstellar as a main menu replacer?

I would do this myself but my skills as such and my very limited knowledge plus lack of time prevents me from doing so, therefore I am making this mod request. Using the links provided there should not be a copyright issue for this kind of mod as both are heavily edited versions done by 3rd party sources.

Reference Materials:

Black Hole animation video:

Soundtrack Cover of "No Time For Caution" (Credit to YT Channel Fox&Hound Duo):

I hope someone is able to make this mod for Starfield, it would be an epic main menu replacer. Edited by Spartan0536
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