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Settlement Visitors


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Idea is basically various NPCs of different factions and types can spawn in and visit your settlements. Maybe have it be an option that you enable similarly to the settlement recruitment beacon, but instead once you build and enable a settlement object it marks that settlement and allows visitors to show up, come and go. Would add a lot of life to settlements, and they could hang around near store/market areas and other notable parts of settlements.


Visitor Ideas


Normal Settlements

- Wastelanders

- Traveling Merchants

- Scavengers

- Mercenaries

- Brotherhood Soldiers (if allied to Brotherhood)

- Railroad Agents/Synths (if allied to Railroad)

- Minutemen (if allied to minutemen)

- Coursers/Synths/Institute Agents (if allied to Institute)


Raider Outposts

- Traveling Merchants

- Scavengers

- Mercenaries (including Gunners)

- Raiders (generic Commonwealth raiders)

- Triggermen

- Nuka World Raiders (only the two gangs that you allied with)



- Children of Atom

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I love this, compatibility with Settlers Go Shopping or inclusion of it's features would be cool.

Also Forged, Rust Devils, Trappers?


For the factions you can't normally join maybe you attract them with specific furniture.

Something for them to worship or visit.

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Sim Settlements 2 has a feature like this, depending on what building plots you use you'll get different types of visitors showing up at your settlements periodically.


To the best of my knowledge you're not going to get allied factions or mercs showing up, however they are still adding features and content to the mod.


In Chapter 3 of SS2 you are able to involve and call on whatever factions your allied to to help you with the final battle for Quincy, so it's possible they could add a feature in the future that would have some allied faction npcs showing up at your settlements now and again. You would have to ask over at the sim settlements forum if this is something they are working on/considering.



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