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Cosmetic combiner


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I have seen a lot of replacer mods that don't deal with external media, but rather change the appearance of one armor to look like another armor... or to combine a particular set into a visually pleasing composition - I for example like Deepseeker helm and pack combined with Shocktroop suit

I guess that is because every type of armor has its' own Ballistic/laser/em/environmental protection ratio that is just amplified by level.


So what I thought up is a kind of crafting object (idk if the term is right, you know, like workbench or lab) that lets player pick two items of the same category from their inventory and combines them into one that has appearance of one, stats of another and a custom name.


Putting this up as an idea, because I doubt I'll be able to learn how to make such mod in forseeable future.

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