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[Mod Request] Quick Travel Favorites | Galaxymap Filters & Name Display


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Hello everyone dear modding community,

as you may have noticed, Starfield is very big.

You use the fast travel very often and the user interface

is one of the few points that Bethesda (once again)

unfortunately did not succeed so well.

I'm looking for a mod that can save visited locations like planets,

cities and outposts as favorites to quickly access them via the

galaxy map or other ways.

Alternatively I am looking for a mod that allows me to filter icons on the galaxy map.

For example, show only the outposts, so that you can find them faster

and in the best case the name is also displayed.

Would something like that be possible? Does something like this

already exist or do you know someone who has tried something like this?

Have a nice day! <3

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