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Very odd camera problem with controller


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So quick up-to-speed, I do use mods but until recently I played on a monitor using keyboard and mouse and didn't have this issue. Recently however, I started hooking my PC up to my television to game with a controller (Thank you Starfield and Xcom for giving me the motivation to do this).


Now, the game works fine; i had to go through a nightmare to get the controller to actually work on Fallout 4 while running F4SE, but it works now. However, i'm having a problem with the camera that is hard to describe. it gets kind of... I guess choppy is the word, when I look in specific directions (specifically, when i look down at the ground, up at the sky, and occasionally at walls). This happens anywhere I go, and the oddest part is that while it feels in these instances like my FPS is tanking, the FPS counter I have in the corner doesn't show a single lost frame while this is happening.


Television is in game mode and I do not have this issue with any other games (including the aformentioned Starfield). I can provide a list of mods i'm using tomorrow if need be although its rather long. I have my doubts its the amount of mods though as I said, when I was playing using mouse and keyboard before I didn't notice any issue like this at all.


If anyone else has any insight or experience with an issue like this I'd love to hear it, it took me ages to get a controller working at all and now this issue is happening and it messes with my head too much to ignore.

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