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[Mod Idea] Hirable pirate crewmates, pirate overhaul, or custom pirate companions


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I can't be the only one disappointed with the fact that the Crimson Fleet doesn't allow you to hire pirates onto your crew... you know, PIRATES! People known to cram ships FULL of fodder for the sake of boarding! If I find I am the only one disappointed in this by the time the ck comes out, I will probably learn the it myself for the sake of changing this... Seriously though, the fact that there's only a couple companions on The Key and no fleshed out companions that aren't bothered by piracy bothers me and broke my immersion completely. It would be cool if we got a few more fleshed out pirate companions. Additionally I feel like the boarding mechanics can be expanded upon. Maybe the crew can be intimidated into letting you board so you can rob them of everything aboard without killing them all. Maybe the pirates could have a flag that lets them board ships with you so that your fodder can help take the ship. Hell, maybe this is a stretch but maybe you could press-gang npcs into your crew. I feel like there's lots of potential with this!

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