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There really should be a way to upgrade gear you've found / gotten early game to calibrated > refined > advanced > superior. I did the vanguard questline and loved my armour.. Now I heavily regret not waiting until a later level to do it. And that's a huge shame, just like in fallout 76, you were forced to wait before you did certain cool quests just so you got the legendary item at its max level.. You should be able to modify gear to upgrade their tier at a workbench for materials, so that you can actually keep using it instead of being forced to put it away in favour for a better item.


Also, sidenote; it should be made much clearer which tier items are. Some even have unique names, so you literally have no idea what tier it is. You just have to guesstimate based on damage or resistance (but legendary effects / modifications also affect that..) I know there's already a mod for this, it just blows my mind how it's not in the game by default.

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This could be done by creating the ability to craft weapons/suits/packs/helmets and perhaps even clothing. I'm sure someone is already on to that, but might be waiting until the official modding tools come out. As creating X from scratch at a higher tier would make more sense than upgrading, since they would likely use different resources.

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