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stuck in Zarchtod Laboratory 1 - Island of Trees mod

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I have been playing this mod for the last 3-4 days (as time had permitted me), and it's a brutally hard mod if I'm being honest:



Currently, I am stuck in Zarchtod Laboratory 1 and I'd love to know how to progress further from here as I have absolutely no idea (and no iron key, either) on how to get out of it. The 2 images attached to this message will show the map I am talking about in case you're having difficulties remembering it (which I can understand since this mod is so brutal and non-intuitive most of the time..)


The 3 pressure plates in this room do not get pressed no matter what I place onto them, there are also no secret buttons or secret walls in the room (that I could find at least)... there is a secret row behind the Northern wall of this room, which I did find (and which is not labeled as secret if that even matters), but it's devoid of any interest, there was only a small poisonous tree behind this wall, which I did take down....


So anyway, the pressure plates won't activate, there's no opening anywhere in the room that you can throw / shoot stuff through to activate / trigger whatever, there are no secret buttons, no timed events, no anything. I am stuck in this level and don't know how to get out of it or progress further with the gameplay and to say that I would literally HATE to have to abandon this game after putting so many hours and effort into it is an understatement.


Can anyone provide a few tips / hints on what's to be done in this room? I don't want you to spoon-feed me (and I'd actually prefer that you didn't), I only need to know if it's possible to get out of this laboratory and by what means (timing, puzzles, etc). Just give me a hint as I've run out of ideas on what to do...


When searching for a solution to my issue I went to this mod's videos section and watched a few clips about the mod's laboratories maps, but unfortunately not a single one of those videos dealt with Laboratory 1, all of them only walked through Laboratory 2 (which I even doubt that I'll ever find since I can't get out of this one in the first place... not to mention the stuff that it's absolutely brutally hard to discover on your own, like the sacred torch for example which I would have never in a million years guessed which one it is, or how to retrieve it... this mod is so brutal, I don't think any normal person would be able to complete it 100% - or even finish it for that matter - without cheating or checking online tutorials. Some of the puzzles make no sense and the worst part is that you don't get a single clue as to what type of puzzles they are. I have several markings on the map saying that this door might have been opened by a timed event, or by me throwing a rock into any other - totally unrelated - corner of a different map, or by killing whichever random monster in whichever random spot, etc... plenty of weird stuff like this, with walls opening up once but never opening up for a 2nd time no matter what you do, unsolvable secrets - again, by unsolvable I mean that you can't solve them if you don't cheat / look tutorials up online because they make no sense and you don't know what triggers them...)


Anyway, I have mixed feelings about this mod. I mean, I do like it, but my God if it's not brutal to beat it, let alone complete it 100%. Had I not been sucked into a LoG2 binge because of nostalgia I would have quit playing this 2 days ago. But now I'm hooked and - like I said - I would genuinely, literally HATE to have to abandon all of my progress because of a bug / design flaw, so please - if anyone knows the solution to getting out / progressing from this laboratory share it! I would appreciate it...






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