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STARFIELD Space Power Armor


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The title can not get any simplier


Implement the FallOut 4 power armor as a powerful tank/Sub mech like power armor that can over come the most harsh environment


even a nice meter to tell under water pressure or gravity .


it is a must



anyone can think of an idea ?

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Considering the Fallout 4 PA is "suposidly" a closed system where the only thing that is allowed to enter is air through a sealled unit that removes toxins and radiation and closes off when submerged.


Ya, a real space suit, then toxic gasses or radiation from the local star will not bother you, the only thing I see that the Fallout PA does not have is air conditioning for heat/cold.


Then the Starborn would have a harder time killing you off when you enconter them at say a temple or a dig site for a artifact....

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