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Retroactive health mod that is actually true to vanilla


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Mods like MWSE State Based Health calculate health based on this formula

(strength + endurance) / 2 + (level - 1) * fLevelUpHealthEndMult * endurance


However, the issue I have is that this calculation continues to increase health based on strength after the 1st level. Which means at max level, it functions as if my starting Strength and Endurance is 100, which can mean a lot of extra health, and this mod adds more health by assuming you are got +10 hp at low levels, which amounts to an additional 40 extra max hp or so depending on your starting stats.


I tried to use this mod before this one, which seems to work as I would like in regards to health: Improved Vanilla Leveling https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/48065


However, mod did not seem to work at all for me, despite running no other mods.


I want to know if there is a way to alter the state based health mod to correctly calculate my starting as if I had added +5 to endurance every level. I did a work around where I opened the mod in the construction set and changed the formula to this: 40 + (level - 1) * fLevelUpHealthEndMult * endurance, which is more accurate to my character.


Is there a way to determine base stats using the script editor in the construction set so that I can change the mod to work as close to vanilla as possible?

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I am currently working on a mod to do exactly this (and a lot more), for OpenMW. It DOES take into account the starting bonus and only adds it to determine the initial health, then uses the correct formula to determine the bonus health on top of the initial, so it should be perfectly predictable at higher levels - if you have 100 Endurance and had equal starting Strength with 2 characters, you'll have exactly the same health, regardless of when you levelled up your Endurance, and the numbers are very similar to vanilla (usually within about 5 total HP).


This does constitute a nerf to The Lady birthsign, which isn't so insanely broken anymore. Obviously having 125 Endurance instead of 100 Endurance will give you more health, so it's still a useful buff throughout the whole game, but doesn't give permanent health boosts anymore. Instead, it's just like any other Fortify enchantment. Good, but not godlike.


This system currently works fine, but can't account for custom classes. There is an existing PR for OpenMW to add support for reading data from NPC classes, which should let me read their Attribute Bonuses and correctly calculate the players starting health bonus. When that's merged, I will be ready to release this.


Feel free to PM me if you want to follow progress with this.

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