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A few ideas for ship turrets in Starfield.


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So I'm fully aware that these will likely need to wait for the mod tools to be released sometime next year but I thought I would put my thoughts into data just so they would not be lost.


1. Increased turret traversal

#1 priority as far as I'm concerned. For some mind boggling reason the BS devs decided to limit the firing arc of ship board turrets to about 60 degrees. I think this may have been to force players to place turrets at multiple angles and to reduce the sheer OPness that would result in being able to fire with almost all of your weapons in every direction at once, all of the time. This could be easily remedied by reducing the DPS of turrets even further than they already are in the vanilla game. I think increasing the firing arc to about 100 degrees would be reasonable without being too ridiculous.


2. Rapid Fire / Point Defense

Lowering the damage of a turret and amping it's fire rate seems easy enough. These would be mostly good for raking fire in fast turning dogfights, slowly ablating away your enemy with each pass or for larger ships to cover blind spots and force smaller ships out from below/behind you and possibly into the LOF of your main weaponry. Really good for the spectacle too.

This does raise the question of Anti Missile guns however. Is shooting down enemy missiles even possible? Shooting grenades and such were possible in previous Fallout titles, even after they were thrown, so maybe with some modding magic, it could be possible to bring our PDC dreams to life and make missiles not quite as much of a sure bet as they currently are.


3. Naval Style Turrets plz

I cant believe we didn't even get a nod to naval style turret design in any of the turreted weapons. To be honest they all look like someone just stuck the regular gun models onto a mobile rack model and called it every turret in the game. Were they a last moment addition? Did the modeling budget run out? Does Todd hate naval warfare almost as much as he hated the invention of the wheel? I fear we will never know.


That's it for my rambling for now. Please feel free to add your own wishlist if you have an idea I didn't already cover.

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I like all those thoughts! .. Not seen any replies to it but I happened by here via a google search thinking how much I would like to have a turret-bristling gunship kind of thing. Sadly with power and module limits it seems not to work - even with mods that promise unlimited modules etc. I found over 4 turrets (of power 3 each) i.e. 'max 12 power per weapon slot' means they don't work at all. So unless you give up two weapon slots you can only have 4 turrets. Pity that, I think.


Hopefully modding and bugfixing will see these ideas come to life

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