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[Mod Request] Atavist, by SwordMeow


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The Atavist class written by SwordMeow is possibly one of the most fun and engaging classes I've ever played in Fifth Edition D&D.


Many of my favorite characters have been Atavists, because it's dripping with Flavor (The Dark Urge, anyone?) and does some super interesting things to balance the class.


Notable, really fun features of the class:


  • CON Based caster! Yup! You Constitution is your spell casting ability modifier.
  • D6 hit dice as a melee character! It's really fun living on the edge.
  • Rend: Want to deal more damage? You can, but you deal the same amount to yourself (no actions/bonus actions required. It's like smite)! (Can also rend to ability checks.)

The subclasses are also really fun and engaging, and all carry very different play-styles, as well as different elements of the Atavist to play around.


The first, Bloodied, plays around the idea of being cornered; getting buffed when you're below half hp (with a d6 hit dice!)


My personal favorite, The Cruorwrought, let's you make bloodied weapons from yourself, leaning into rending as much as you can.


And an interesting one that plays into being an abomination, such as an illithid.



If no one feels like making the class into the game, that's a shame, but at least look into the class, It's remarkable and great fun.

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