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Download speed extremely slow


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Country: Germany

Internet Service Provider (ISP): Deutsche Telekom

Average Download Speed (non-Nexus downloads): 12MB/s

Download tests:

  • Amsterdam: 0.1MB/s (121KB/s)
  • Prague: 11MB/s
  • LA: 9MB/s
  • Chicago: 10MB/s
  • Miami: 9MB/s
  • Premium CDN: 8MB/s

Download links:

TraceRoute results:

Routenverfolgung zu files.nexus-cdn.com []
über maximal 30 Hops:

  1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms  Speedport.ip []
  2    11 ms    11 ms    10 ms  p3e9bf513.dip0.t-ipconnect.de []
  3    15 ms    14 ms    14 ms  f-ed11-i.F.DE.NET.DTAG.DE []
  4    14 ms    14 ms    14 ms
  5    19 ms    19 ms    19 ms  ae5-2074.ams10.core-backbone.com []
  6    20 ms    19 ms    20 ms  core-backbone.cdn77.com []
  7    20 ms    20 ms    20 ms  vl222.ams-eq6-dist-1.cdn77.com []
  8    93 ms    95 ms    95 ms  unn- []

Ablaufverfolgung beendet.



The small file downloaded no problem (within 3 seconds). it seems like the issue is with the Amsterdam server or on the route to me (my ISP having bad peering or such).

When I start a download it goes at 121KB/s but drops down to 7-12KB/s within a minute. It goes up to 121KB/s from time to time and drops back to 7 within a minute.

I tried to have a parallel non nexusmods download too (only for this test, not the other tests) and that one worked without issues, so its not my connection dropping to those speeds.


I don't have premium to change the download server location, so I guess I am stuck till this issue is resolved - can't realistically download a 1.5GB texture pack with such low speeds.

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