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Make cameras ACTUALLY turn off


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It's REALLY getting on the nerves how cameras STILL detect you even if you turn off the CCTV system directly from their PC.


I get that the DAEMON should be time limited (3/6 min by default), but lord allmighty, if you kill everyone in the building and turn off the CCTV system from their PC, why the heck do the cameras swtich back on before you're even finished looting the place.


Or is this hardcoded somehow in the game? I see threads mentioning this oddity since literally the launch of the game but so far I can't find anything fixing (or changing) it. Tho I've seen someone type that it's because the computer "turn off" does literally the same thing the daemon does, which is why it's on THE SAME time limit.


Anyone got reliable intel on this? I don't think I've seen this on each of my characters... is the perk an "F YOU" one which literally gimps your gameplay, switching indefinite "turn off" for perk "turn off for 3 minutes" if you play netrunner?

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