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Vortex Extensions (2 issues)


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(1) I noticed that when I started Vortex (v 1.9.3) that the Starfield extension got an update - it shows up in my downloads list with the option to install. When I try to do that, nothing happens, even after a Vortex restart.


Under the extensions tab, I see that the currently enabled version of the Starfield extension is 0.3.0 while the downloaded one is Is that just not showing up because the field is character limited, or am I doing something wrong?



(2) Extension updates to Stardew Valley and 7 Ways to die keep installing themselves. I don't have those games and don't recall ever installing the extensions. I have tried disabling them and removing them, but they come back after restarting Vortex. It's annoying and again, am I doing something wrong?



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Got it, thanks.


Is there any way to get the "downloaded" message for the extensions off the Downloaded tab? I now know not to touch them, but it's annoying to see them there. There's an orange "install" option on the right, which is what got my attention in the first place. Screenshot of that tab is attached.



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