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[SE]Elven Armor Mesh Replacers


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There isnt a single mod on Nexus that replaces the meshes for, and diversifies, the standard and gilded elven armors.

The only thing *used to* was Old Kingdom.

Lets not forget that OK did things for almost every set of armor.

Sadly, none of the authors (it was made by multiple) make mods anymore.

They dont have their Nexus accounts nor do they have the files anymore.

So to speak, the mesh replacers for the elven gilded and standard elven armors no longer exists.

Can someone remake the elven armor mesh replacers that were seen in Old Kingdom?

Its also assuming that they know what it looked like when using the mod when it was still available.

The standard elven armor basically had parts of its pauldrons removed, and same for the scales in between the legs.

The gilded version still used the same mesh.

Again, can someone do this?

It would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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