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[SE]Spell Sheathing


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So as someone who loves using magic I have become annoyed a bit at how charged spells can't be lowered/ stopped when holding, such as a nocked bow would be able to. Ideally a universal mod able to add this feature and out the box compatible with most if not all spell mods on Nexus would be amazing.


I feel it would add a bit more immersion or realism to being a magic user or even a spellsword, seeing as even with a sword in one hand you would need to sheathe both just to cancel the spell which isn't ideal in combat. Even out of combat or when an enemy is alerted far away and is moving towards you in a dungeon it feels silly to put your spell away and bring back immediately to just fight again.


If anyone knows a mod like this, or develops this at all I would love to hear about it. I have searched quite a lot of mods and tested a few out but none are what I described and most are used for melee weapons not spells.

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