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Starfield Extension has been updated to 0.4.0


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New version of the extension (0.4.0) is now live!


There is a news post about this update which has further details on what has changed and why.




Happy modding!


How to update:


This extension is available as an "over-the-air" update which will be downloaded the next time you start Vortex. Alternatively, you can download it here:




What's New:

  • Anything in the Documents/My Games/Starfield/Data will be automatically moved to the game installation Data folder and a junction created that tricks the game into using that folder for all textures.
  • A StarfieldCustom.ini will be created with minimal values if is not already present.
  • Symlink support has been re-enabled as this appears to work (it didn't in Fallout 4/Skyrim).
  • Fixed installing EXEs to the game root incorrectly.
  • Warn the user if they try to install SKSE to a non-Steam version of Starfield.
  • Added menu option to open photo mode folder
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With this change would it be sensible for those of us that have used the mydocuments route for Texture mods to simply remove them and now use Vortex to install them directly rather than use links?


As I see it less chance something goes wrong in the future and cleans up your 'OS Drive'



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Hi Genadine,


0.4.0 is non destructive in the sense that it will merge both data folders into one, and then create the symlink for that point forward. It will create a backup of Documents/Data folder before this merge and symlink creation in case you need to go back.


So if you need to go back to how you were, delete the Data symlink and rename the backed up folder (Data-backup-<timestamp>) back to Data


Hope that helps

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Hello. This new version has destroyed what I had working fine. I was using baka's no more my documents (Baka Disable My Games Folder at Starfield Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com)) method and just deploying files directly to my data folder. Now SFSE and mods associated with it don't work even if I disable the baka mod. Can we please just have the option to use to starfield data folder or the my documents folder? I prefer to have things on my other drive as it is much larger in comparison to my the my documents (OS drive).


As it stands I am no longer able to even launch the game. This version has completely broken my mod setup. =(

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Want to second the issues this update caused for those who sync My Documents using OneDrive and don't use the My Games folder for mods. The symlink created by this update immediately filled my OneDrive with over 100GB of mod and game data, completely breaking OneDrive functionality. What's worse is that OneDrive will threaten to arbitrarily choose files to delete if you don't bring down storage levels to under your level of subscription. In my case this just happened to be all of my archived Starfield save game files. Luckily I caught it in time, but this could have been extremely destructive for someone who does not realize what happened.

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I've gotten a hotfix ready that removes the symlink altogether and doesn't strip comments out of the ini files when it checks them. The main 'problem' that this will cause is that there won't be a Data folder in Documents anymore but at least the user can do what they like with that then and it'll quickly remove the OneDrive problem. Thoughts?


If anyone could post some of their more complicated StarfieldCustom.ini files that would be super useful so I can run them against tests. More complicated the better with comments and anything else.


Will test more tomorrow before we push this out - thanks for your patience!

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