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"Convert" a Console Command into a Skyrim Spell? Possible?

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Is it possible to create a Skyrim Spell-Mod that carries out one or more console command(s)? We would like the spell to "time in" and then "time out."


Please note that we don't want to download a mod that can do this. But we might reverse-engineer a mod that accomplishes such a goal.


We would like to learn how to do it.





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To start on this task find a FREE youtube 20-50 hour guide on an introduction to advance CPP, but no one can reverse engineering anything from a release version OK ? you can hack it to a degree, but reverse engineering never.


Honestly I do not even think you understood the complexity involved in what you wrote, reverse engineering a DLL with no source files or debugger PDB files, with no coding experience... Not saying you cannot do it, but it will take years of learning.

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Thanks for responses!


And thank goodness we don't want to reverse-engineer a release.


But we did find forum discussions on reverse-engineering existing mods--which we have done already to a small degree.


So we figured if there was a mod on the Nexus that provided an in-game spell to implement (or script) Skyrim SE console commands, then we would have a learning experience to see how that mod accomplished that feat.


While we don't want to download a spell-mod to enable in-game for gameplay, we would be willing to download a similar such mod that we could study.


Best, G/M73.

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