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7D2D will not load through Vortex

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I just started playing 7D2D again but when I select the game on the dashboard I get the "Choose User Defined Folder" message. I selected a UDF and then select play from the dashboard but when the game starts to load I get continuous scrolling "YMDT EXC NullReferenceException: Objet reference not set to an instance of an object" and have to crash the game through task manager.


I can start it through Steam IF I clear the "Additional Parameters" in the game launcher, save, and then run.

Vortex 1.9.3
7 Days To Die alpha21.1 from Steam
No mods installed yet
Win 10 64 bit

I used Vortex to manage 7D2D before this UDF change.

What's wrong, Steam, Vortex, or my setup and how do I get it fixed so I can run 7D2D mods?

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Unfortunately your issue appears to be related to the game or mods you are using and is not related to Vortex. Try posting on the mod page for any mods you've got installed when this happens
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