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[Mod Request] Legendary Version of Unique Razorback Pistol 'Deadeye'


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You don't need a mod for this. You can do it yourself via the console. I make legendary items in the game via the console all the time, even of unique guns.


Here's the resources I use:





Drop a weapon on the ground -> open console -> click on it -> roll the mouse wheel until it says WEAP " -> type in it's displayed code (like FF0B850C for example) -> FF0B850C.amod ######## where ######## = modifier code. The modifier codes are in the two resources I linked above. Weapons and armor have 3 allowed modifiers. You can pick 1 from each category. Once you have selected one from each of the 3 your item becomes legendary. Easy.

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You also must level the quality of item, just because it is gold does not mean it is quality 5 for armor or quality 4 for weapons, that helps a lot. Just goto the mods section Legendary Modding Tutorial at Starfield Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com) and that tells you everything you need. I personally used it tonight and posted my own forum topic on legendary items


Here is your deadeye all maxed out. I didnt add the rest of the crafted mods to the item but there are 3 more to make it even better.



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