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REQUEST / Does it exist already? - Mission Marker Distance


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Looking for a mod than can adjust how far off we see our distance from a mission marker.

Unedited, the distance disappears once we get further than 99+... feet? meters? yards? I don't know what it is.



I'd like to be able to see the distance all the way up to... idk... 1400?

It would be super helpful for when we have mission objectives with multiple targets, and if we choose to use the "show all targets" option (found on the Mission UI [the L key is the default keybind to bring it up]). Then it would help us see which target was closest to us.


I already know of these custom ini tweaks:

SetGS fFloatQuestMarkerMinDistance
SetGS fFloatQuestMarkerMaxDistance


But they don't help enough with showing which marker is closest. I'd like the little digits above the marker to show me.

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