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[Mod request] Make the background of the reticle of reflex sights fully transparent


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Hi :smile:


Have you ever tried shooting someone via ADS, but your reflex sight was lit in a way that causes it to be so bright, you could not see what you were aiming at?

Yea. That is what I want fixed. Nobody would manufacture a reflex sight for a gun that has this much glare!


Secondary request: The reticle itself is too obscuring. I have a rifle where it is a big O with a dot inside. The O around the dot is not helping me aim at anything accurately. :sad:


Tell me what you think, pls.


Kind regards :smile:


Edit: I found this mod here which at least fulfills my secondary request. https://www.nexusmods.com/starfield/mods/3519

It still doesn't fix the glare or green tint of the whole thing. As dev noted here:


Maybe someday - change the blinding reflections and coloured tints on optics.

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