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Hover vehicle for traversal idea


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I guess I should start this off with a question:

How far can player animation edits go on a weapon mod?

Point being, what if we use the base of a weapon and use that to build a vehicle mod. I am very new to creating mods, but would love to give it a go when the creation kit comes out.


My thoughts are essentially the vehicle is treated as a weapon mod, specifically a ranged weapon. If on a normal weapon the reload button is for reloading, equipping and stowing. We could use that same function to spawn/mount the vehicle, and despawn/unmount the vehicle. In a way, it would be like a sparrow from Destiny.



The movement would still be the character, but the animations would be worked to have the character "ride" the vehicle, rather than a walk/run/crouch animation. I know this would be difficult, but it may be a way to get a "vehicle" in the game. Additionally, Im assuming (maybe incorrectly) that changing the traversal speed would be a short console command string when the vehicle is equipped; player.setav speedmult X.


If this can work as a weapon mod, this would also give access to the weapon workbench for modifications to the vehicle.

These are just some thoughts I've had, excited to try them out with the creation kit. Let me know what you all think.

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Everyone but everyone will think "hover bike" upon first understanding the lousy 'procedural' 'planet' generation system, and the lousy immersion breaking fast travel system that simply deals with the inability to get from a to b without being tortured by the systems implemented by Todd's geniuses.


Since a hover bike doesn't have to take account of the land geometry (which unlike every other engine in existence, lacks the data layer needed to allow ground vehicles to be implemented properly), it can be created with a trivial mod, once the tools are ready.


I think most people would want such a function to be part of a complete over-haul of the fast travel system, to re-implement decent immersion when traveling the galaxy.


Even Beth's hopeless coders could have handled a hover bike, so why didn't they implement it? Because it spoils Todd's idea of 'gameplay' on the planet surface. You'd immediately bypass all that wonderful stuff like scanning, and collecting rocks, avoiding all those geological dangers that your spacesuit has stats to protect you from, and pointlessly slaughtering all the animals- the absolute soul destroying tedious rubbish that passes for 'gameplay' in Todd's 'brain'.


Funny thing is, most Starfield owners have a clear vision of what could make this game great- reminds me of the "Homer's Car" episode of the Simpsons, and the famous phone-call scene.

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