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Is CBBE & Body Physics coming to SF? And is it possible without Creation Kit?


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Caliente hasn't been active on this site for some years now. So my guess is no.


But I'm hopeful that it still is being made.

I would think it's still being made. I have a vague memory of reading somewhere that the right/permission to continue the development was granted. With it being such a hot hit with Skyrim and Fallout 4, (and the pervy nature of people in general) I can't see it not coming to the game.

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Here's a clue. How long has Starfield been out? How long did effective and fully debugged body mods, with effective armour/clothing options, animations, physics etc take to appear for fallout and skyrim?


Bodgy half-hearted hack mods for sophisticated game systems are worse than worthless. I am saddened by the number of fools who think they are ENTITLED to complex properly working mods on Day One, and who claim waiting the few months til the official tools release is some kind of terrible burden.


One day Starfield will be fully and successfully modded to a quite extraordinary degree- far beyond the earlier games. But that day is YEARS away- two years will be a miracle (although two years will see a ton of complex base mods completed, of course).


Here's another clue- thinking named good modders from earlier games will be the heroes of starfield modding is a fallacy. Because modders work for free, their key productive years tend to be very short, and usually associated with a single title. New modders are coming, and some of them are going to do work that will blow your socks off. In other words, you need not fret if an author of your fav type of mod doesn't turn up for starfield.

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