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Better Graphics when in conversation Mod to make it like that all the time?


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Your 'suggestion' seems to make no sense. When in 'conversation' the engine changes the lighting somewhat for the crude primitive 'locked' shot close-up. It often does a lousy job, placing a light-source beneath the head, making the terrible geometry of the facial system look quite grotesque.


When you are in the ordinary game mode, the lighting that falls on each character is from the actual environment. What else would you expect? Or do you think you can have fake light sources following every NPC around?


The models may render with higher detail in the cut-scene - many games do this - but the Beth game cut-scenes are so pathetically simple (being just a facial close-up) I'm not sure they're doing anything all that special, save, as i said, for faking some close-up light sources. LOD does change in every game engine as you move away from a model, though. This happens for performance reasons.


And here's a thing. In Half-life 2, from centuries ago, the conversation sequences actual had the NPCs moving and acting. I recall the same thing in max payne 2. Starfield is a technical joke in every regard, and the poor lighting effects in the general game, including the odd shadow system, is a good example of this failure. We won't know whether the lighting can be properly overhauled until the official tools are released in 2024.

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