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2 stealth ideas


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Idea 1, what I call "Shut up, I'm sneaking!":


A lot of the companions/followers like to occasionally speak to you, especially if they see you stealing something, and them talking to you seems to raise your noticeability. While making a follower shut up entirely is an option, I think it would be nice if they'd just tone it down when you're sneaking. If they're upset that you're stealing, maybe a dissatisfied grunt that NPCs wouldn't take as "oh hey someone else is there too" rather than "HEY EVERYBODY AROUND ME THIS IDIOT'S STEALING s#*!".




Idea 2, what I call "That's not stolen!"


Somehow by dropping an Addichrone that I own and then picking it up by holding E on it, NPCs nearby immediately see stolen items in my inventory. Even though the Addichrone I dropped and telekinesis'd is mine. It seems perfectly reasonable that NPCs shouldn't magically see inside my pockets just because I'm holding some not-stolen stick to pry open dumpsters and cupboards.

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