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Skyrim Crashing on launch


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Hi everyone,

I have exhausted my options and feel there is nowhere else to turn but to ask for help with my Gog version of Skyrim crashing.


I use Mod Organizer 2 with Loot and Gog compatible SKSE, and I have ended up not even getting to the start menu of Skyrim with the small list of mods I have.


There are no issues that Loot flags with the master files or the mods.


I generate crash logs that always mention Windhelm's "Blood on the Ice" quest, one of them is attached.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Gog Skyrim Crash - Pastebin.com

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Have you tried checking/verifying the game files under GOG? There is one part in your crash log about a furniture marker. May just be a bad game file.


Where is the 'pip boy' stuff coming from? I have never seen it before, but I am on Steam, so I am just pretty much guessing.

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Hi Leonidas,


So I verified the files, and 180mb of changes were made after doing that.


I forgot to mention I cleaned the master files plus the 4 creation kit files with SSEEdit previously, after I verified the files, the masters reverted back to their old versions before they were cleaned.


However, my modded game now runs properly through SKSE after I verified the files, although I don't doubt the potential for future crashes considering the nature of modding games!


So thanks for the suggestion, it worked, and it seems cleaning master files are a bad idea, at least for the Gog version of skyrim.


As for all the pip boy stuff, your guess is as good as mine!

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cleaning master files are a bad idea, at least for the Gog version of skyrim

tbh, I thought the old practice of cleaning masters had gone out of fashion after release of 1.5.97. I do remember it being preached as gospel for 1.5.73 and 1.5.80, but I also remember quite a few posts after 1.5.97 was released that said, in so many words, "don't clean masters any more".


fwiw and all that. I could be wrong, but that's how I've been rolling since installing 1.5.97.

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It seems to me that whether to clean files, esm or esp, has been a controversial subject for about ten years now.


Some mod authors that I respect very much and are much more knowledgeable than I am give opposing views on the whole cleaning idea. In my opinion it is up to the individual as to whether they clean files or not; whatever works for you.


As for myself I gave up cleaning any files after SSE came out, whether this helped or hindered anything I have no idea but I figure I will stick with it unless a mod author of a mod I have tells me otherwise.


I have noticed that some mod authors have specifically stated not to clean their mod but I have never had one tell me to clean their mod.

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