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[request] show more dice rolls


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mainly combat dice rolls, would be nice to see a little dice rolling animation for attack, spell save, damage, saving throw etc. they are already happening in game, just buried in a combat log nobody reads.

I heard the devs say they were afraid that showing d20 rolls in dialogue was too hardcore, but I couldn't disagree more. Their dialogue is way more intrusive than what I'm proposing. Just a little widget in the corner of the screen, or possibly above the character's head which passively shows the dice rolls. I honestly don't even play dnd, but I know one of the fun meta experiences is enthusing how good/bad someone's rolls have been during a session. If it were up to me, the game would've leaned more into this aspect.

I think if a party member opened a chest and you saw a d20 roll determining their loot, or sneaking around and seeing their stealth save roll would also add more enjoyment to the game. Like, they're already showing "sleight of hand succeeded" I would rather it just show the number they rolled with an outline of green for success or red for failed.

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