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CBBE 3BA issue, Model has giant breasts.


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So I'm having an issue and I'm at wits end. I installed CBBE 3BA along with all the requirements. Everything (for the most part) seems to be working however for some reason my character's breasts are very large. My Bodyslide model is somewhere akin to say a C, maybe D cup, but my actual character has like J cups. I tried rebuilding in Bodyslide and even changing it to a preset with a smaller bust. In short I'm out of options.


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FWIW, and not saying you use them, but mods like ABBA or milk maids (or whatever it's called) can/will boost breast size.


BTW, as will Racemenu presets with large breasts.


Point being, check your mod list for mods that can affect your meshes. Those mods are the single most likely source of your issue.


Also note that the body while clothed isn't the same body when nude. They *might look like it in some cases by default, but don't be fooled.


All clothing and armor that you will be wearing needs to be fitted in Bodyslide to your character's body.


the body as seen in all but a tiny tiny fraction of armor/clothing sets includes its own body, called the "reference body". that body determines the shape presented when clothed/armored. So it needs to be morphed (fitted) using Bodyslide to conform to your chosen body. Capiche?

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