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Vortex Installation Breaking every time i remove temp files


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Today i noticed that when i tried to start Vortex the following message would open up:


"Your Vortex Installation has been corrupted. This could be a result of a virus of manual manipulation. Vortex might still appear to work (partially) but we suggest you reinstall it"


I reinstalled Vortex and cleaned all releated files, but after going to my computer Users/AppData/Local/Temp folder and cleanming the temp files (which happend to have some Vortex files) the installation broke again,


Is there any critical temp files for Vortex and a way to avoid this? Because i clean my computer temp files regularly




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Shouldn't be. I just wiped mine and nothing affected its boot up.


Is there anything else on the Appdata Folder that could be causing this issue?


Edit: I think i know what happend. There's a Vortex Updater Folder at Appdata with a 150mb installer archive. Is it safe to delete that file and leave the folder?

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stuff in appdata isnt hidden that directory, as its name suggests is for applications installed on a system to store files they need in order to operate correctly.

the only time i would suggest going in and "cleaning" it is if/when a program has been removed completely off the system. you can remove any remnants from appdata reasonably safely.

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If you're really struggling for HDD space on C:\ you should first move your staging folder and download folders through the Vortex Settings UI. These will be the things that take up a lot of space.

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why do you "clean" your appdata folder?


Empty Folders


It's not a great idea to poke around in the AppData folder, that the "brain" of Vortex and it expects certain files not to be tampered with.


I assumed that this folder was just a copy of the original installation file. But since this was the root of the issue, i will leave it there.

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