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Immersive Temples


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I think to make temples more immersive, we need to do somethings that are talked about in this video I watched.

To make the temples more immersive, I am thinking about making it that the temples don't have any human buildings around it, and also make it so that it is cloaked from all sides, the only way to enter is through an invisible maze on ground level, any other way would make you walk though the structure? This means you can't land on it from above and you can't just stumble upon it, you have to be looking for it. Then when you get to the other side of the cloak, you can see outside the force field and see the floating rocks. So in order to do this, I am thinking about making the structures separate loading areas. This way, if you don't do the maze, you just walk past the door, and if you do it, the door is unlocked and you can enter. Then the area loads. As for doing it, 220 times. how about once you have the power once, when you stumble upon the temple during the next new game+, a fast travel option pops up, that lets you skip the mini game and just go though the force field. Or you can make it like a one way mirror, where if you don't have the power you go out the other side, unless you do the maze, but if you have the power, you end up on the other side of the mirror? He has some other points in the video, some are good, but I don't see anything else that could be part of this mod.

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