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[mod request / idea] Looting overhaul


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I'm a low IQ normie, I don't know how to materialize these ideas myself, but perhaps someone else feels the same way and can pass the INT and WIS rolls required to create a mod like this.

Looting is tedious, yet barely rewarding.
I don't want to roleplay as a vaccumm cleaner, but if I pick up every single $1 item, I will be able to afford an extra potion or two that I much desire and require for my upcoming battles.
a way to fix this

- Everything worth $1 is now worth $0
- All items worht 0 have a different color (text/inv)
- If a container has nothing or $0 worth total, it has a different color
Ritual spell for auto-looting books/notes:
- Toggleable passive
- sucks in all books within 3m

Looting Version 2:
- Everything worth less than $15 is worth $0
- Incluides most books (because they are $14)

Booking Version 2:

- Somehow, automagically mark all books that are related to quests
- They all appear in a different color

This is what I'm sending to santa this year, hoping for things to be better one day.

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