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[mod request / idea] Inventory Overhaul / Replacement


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I'm a low IQ normie, I don't know how to materialize these ideas myself, but perhaps someone else feels the same way and can pass the INT and WIS rolls required to create a mod like this.

(that's a joke) Okay okay, hear me out!

Inventory in BG3 is clearly a very bad experience!
The idea of having a grid inventory is OBJECTIVELY the wrong choice for this game.

The solution:
Oblivion/Skyrim/Fallout/Starfield style inventory, A LIST!

WAIT WAIT don't GO! Wait that's not ALL!!
The list inventory Is actually good, but not the basic bethesda version:

The list inventory that we have with mods like SkyUI(Skyrim) and StarUI(Starfield).
They fix the shortcomings of the LIST inventory and make it actually amazinga ð
- Sort by weight, damage, name, rarity etc.
- Scroll up and down quick and fast

To dial it back a notch, perhaps this could be an EXTRA UI that doesn't replace the base inventory, but just allows pc players to interface with the inventory list when it's convenient.
Anyway, I'm just posting ideas here, because I cannot do this right now myself, but maybe someone else can or maybe I will have more time in a few months, so I can come back here to my notes. Have a nice day!

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