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Giving the player character voice lines? [Research]


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I know it's not as "easy" as replacing already existing voice lines, like the awesome voice replacers for companions from the mod pages, but the big question here is: Is it technically possible to mod in a voiceline to each of the player character's response?

And the second or alternate question to that would be: Would be easier to create a play-on-mouseover way that ticks as soon as you select the line you would consider to answer. (Games used that method as well before, even if more rarely executed)


Ofc the voice lines would've to be bound to the voice choice the player picks at CC screen, so that would probably be of importance to think of when considering code alterations to my understanding and comprehension. So... If you've gotten into the modding of BG3 some deeper and might have an idea, please share it. I've done one or two adjustments in character creation myself already, so I am not totally new to the whole editing process of BG3, yet far away from expert status ofc.


Thanks in advance.


Disclaimer: (optional)

I know there are a lot of people enjoying the awkward silence of the player as a response when picking a response in a dialogue, but I've always enjoyed the player taking part as a lively person aka having an active voice. And as we're already capable to make voiceovers with AI by now, the killer argument of bad voice acting to me is no longer one, so I am looking for one or two ways to maybe being able to add a fitting player voice.


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