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Better Research Mechanism Please


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The implementation of research is fundamentally flawed in this game and kills immersion. How many people in known space do you think can afford a state-of-the-art research station in the game, and in some believeable immersive world? Most people in this game, and well-funded elite institutions and consortiums in a believeable world. Besides the money, 10 years of post-graduate and post-doctorate education is generally required to join elite teams doing this kind of research. A mod should be developed that involves industrial espionage, network funding and coordination of research teams, and reverse engineering of advanced equipment discovered or captured.

For example, Constellation should have a James Bond-like "Q-Division" that the PC interacts with and is given assignments by. There should be corporate. government/military, criminal, and derelict labs with various greedy (Pf....-like), benevolent, and mad scientists at work on various advances that are tied into or give various side quests. The rewards of these quests would be tech, advancement in skill, advancement in these organizations, and money. There should be discoverable ancient and alien tech and research equipment and facilities. Research NPCs should be available and most prized of all.

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