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need tips on armor making from blender

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so im currently trying to make an armor mod in blender, ive learned the basics from blenderguru by making donut until rendering it out and maybe some sculpting a bit, solely for this purpose alone, but there's only so many valid guides out there, the ones ive seen so far are outdated (maybe).






thats how simple i made it, yes my first idea was v from dmc 5, i tried to make his outfit from scratch


so far ive done the basic mesh based on himbo body, exporting the texture/uv maps (i dont know if im doing it right honestly), then build it in outfit studio, which literally i was just copying the weight paint from reference, then matching my exported texture from blender (which btw in .png) and then exporting it to .nif file, then i rename the file with existing armor name and place it correspondingly. when i additem the armor and tried to wear it, the game crashed.


i was thinking maybe the poly is too high, so i replaced the mesh with the one that has less poly count, and repeated the same steps above yet the game still crashes. ive been doing this for two days straight, watching many irrelevant tutorials just so i can navigate through blender, and reading the written outdated guides here on nexus about creating custom armor, like i have no background in 3d modelling, so making a simple armor mesh from beginner's perspective is honestly time consuming and took a lot out of me, i guess im at my wits end. i still dont know when will i use nifskope for its collision and physics (which ofc idk how lmao), they said i need to use gimp to polish the texture yet making it appear in the game seems still far away so..


long story short i started browsing armor mods here hoping maybe i will get some insight on this mod making file management and looking at those beatiful armor mods, like how the hell can i make things like that and packed them compactly in one zip fomod file. either i give up now or keep trying blindly until i give up for good. i dont know


any tips or anything really, will be appreciated, thanks

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