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Error viewing images from mod homepage


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When attempting to preview an image from the homepage of any game, i.e., a mod on the Starfield Nexus homepage, by hovering over the "+" icon and selecting "VIEW IMAGE GALLERY" an error appears in the browser's console stating "Uncaught TypeError: _this.$items.eq is not a function" and the image is stuck loading.

Steps to reproduce

  • Open any game available on the Nexusmods site
  • Hover over "+" icon and select "VIEW IMAGE GALLERY"
  • Preview window pops open
  • Error appears in console, the image is stuck loading, and you are unable to close the preview

Expected Behaviour

Users can view the images from said option

Actual result

"Uncaught TypeError: _this.$items.eq is not a function" appears in console, image will not load, and window will not close


Visit mod directly to see the images

Other Information

Error: https://imgur.com/a/ArTpUsf

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Has been happening consistently for about a week to me too.

Still an issue it seems. First I thought it was my internet connection that was off again but after checking and this was still consistently an issue I came here and found it already reported. A bit annoying and apreciated if fixed.

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This thread will be updated when a fix is released. It might take a week or two to get it scheduled in depending on what needs to be done to fix the problem. For now you can view the mod page to see the media.

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