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2 Mods ideas


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Hey everyone!

I have two ideas for mods but I can't write any of that code, so I am leaving the ideas here, maybe someone wants to look into it.


Idea 1 - Willy's Fishing School

Or something like that, the title is a suggestion.

I find that especially for the more difficult fish it is helpful to "train" how to catch them and try different tackles.

So the basic idea is that the farmer can fish one specific fish over and over while being allowed to change tackles and bait inbetween casts. That way, it is a little less tricky for the real deal.

I suggest that this mod should NOT add fishing experience and the farmer can NOT keep the fish.




Idea 2 - Everybody's Secret Gift Giver

I love the friendship part in this game but without mods, it is so slow and long, also because you loose friendship points.

I thought it would be nice to be everybody's Secret Gift Giver as this gives 5x the normal amount of friendship points.

My suggestion is that this is active by default for the first two years and any other year needs to be enabled specifically (GMCM compatibility would be great). Though only the person mentioned in Lewis' letter is "required" to gift in order to trigger the gift receiving part on the farmer's end.

At the same time, the farmer should still have only one gift giver (by default, could be changed manually).



If anyone of you feels like writing this/these mod/s, let me know. I would be interested in learning something about the process (and maybe be able to write mods at some point).

And if you'd mention me for the idea, that would be sweet of you. :)


Have fun!

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