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True Noble Opinion (mod)


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I'm desperatly looking for "True Noble Opinion" working for Bannerlord 1.0.3.

Since I'm back to the game the author (OrderWOPower) has deleted his mod page on Nexus.

When trying to reach him he just replied "there are other mods that make them obsolete.", but without giving any insight on these others mods. Not really helpful.

Since I've been unsuccessfully trying to look for these replacements on Nexus, Steam, etc.

I used to have "True Noble Opinion", so if there is any remake/whatever of it, or another similar mod that provide similar features, I'm more than interrested.


ps: I've already tested the 3 versions of this mod in the "Dead Mod Pack" by Cheyron (still on Nexus), sadly but none of them work for v1.0.3

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