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Question - Creating a bat file to refurbish habs on ships - removing cosmetics to free up space for essentials


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Hello fellow modders...
In my ship I installed a 2x2 computer core. It comes with a neat center area, from which I have removed all the computer cabinets, boxes etc... So I can use that space to install a workbench, a container to drop loot in etc...
It takes time and trial and error to remove every box, cabinet, cardboard box, blanket and so on, which has a Reference ID. For example (FF03BFE9) would be that spindle or spool with wires on that cart in the corner.
Since I recorded my progress and took screenshots of every Ref ID, would it be possible to remove them all at once by creating a bat (txt) file and instead of going through the process manually one by one, to remove them all using the Reference ID's. What would the code be besides the Reference ID's ?
I have tried to click on an item and then use 'disable' (to delete the object) but the command doesn't seem to work. Clicking on it and resizing it to something minute does however...
So I just went through the process of resizing them with the console using 'setscale 0.00000001 and the comand TFC to enable the free camera.
If one could do this in a batch process, and remove the cosmetic junk from for example a cargo hall to replace it with useful loot boxes that can contain cargo, that would be a good thing. It would also remove the tediousness of doing all this again if you open your ship in the build editor or upgrade it at the technician.
Using a bat file empowers sharing with other players and removes the repetitive tediousness.
Any thoughts on this?

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if you know what commands you need to use, you can do it yourself.

delete the stuff manually, then in a .txt write


player.placeatme xxxxxxxx, where the Xs are the id.


make a list of all the items you need so they are spawned all together, like


player.placeatme xxxxxxx1

player.placeatme xxxxxxx2

player.placeatme xxxxxx....

player.placeatme xxxxxx10


now, save the file as "shipstuff.txt"


ingame, digit bat shipstuff


then manually move one by one. At least the spawn process is faster. I don't know how to place a module already equipped with what you want, but I think a bat command is not enough

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Thanks for the answer, but it is exactly the reverse I want to accomplish.



Meaning, I deleted (resized to a microscopic value) all the useless boxes, tables, computer consoles etc manually from a specific 2X2 computer core hab installed in my ship.

Since I recorded all the Ref ID's of the objects I deleted and I want to be able to put all the id's in a batch file so next time they all get respawned by the game because I want to upgrade my ship, I can just run the bat file to delete them all from my ship instead of going through the lengthy trial and error process of deleting them again manually.


The upside of this (if it is possible) you could share these txt bat files and use them to 'clean' the habs of junk items that pick up space and then use these mods that allow to place furniture etc on ships.


That is what I was after. Any help would be appreciated

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I believe that objects already ingame have unique IDs. For instance, if you drop a weapon, take the ID, add mod with console, you have an ID. If you equip and drop again, you get another ID. Meanwhile, non of these is the "real" ID you would read in the game editor.

If objects you editet all begin with FF, and I think so, then we are in this condition.

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Yes they all begin with FF indeed. They are not the ID's but the reference ID of that object there and then. I don't wish to delete all the rugs ingame, just the ones in the room I'm in. Hence I was wondering if this could be done using the 'FF' Id's as you say and use those in a bat file.


That also means that my FF id's will be different from other user's same object FF id's and this bat will only work for me as long as the Ref id's remain the same.


So momentarily I take it nothing can be done, unless we can remove the junk using blender for good, and replacing the rooms with valuable additions in the ingame editor that was modded to change the interior appearance of ships.


Thank you for clearing that up.

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I would expect that anything you change, will be reset again, if you modify the ship again.....

This is exactly what happens. When you move a module in the ship builder the existing, clean module isn't actually moved. Exiting the ship builder causes all existing cruft in the ship to be moved to cargo, and then entirely new modules are generated and finalized. This is how you end up with a cargo hold choked with coffee cups, notepads and half-eaten sandwiches.


If you want empty habs you have to do it in either xEdit or the CK when it comes out. Someone is already doing this, and claims the xEdit method is slow and miserable due to the lack of visual tools to see what is being deleted. Nova habs have been finished, but it will take weeks to deal with the others.

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