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"Fix Starfield" Modset Proposal


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1) Interesting ProcGen Planets


This requires randomly assigning "safe" landing zones on each planet. Then, from the landing zone outward, there is an increasingly higher "Hazard Level". Not totally concentric circles, but that combined with random hazard "hot spots".


Higher hazard means worse conditions, higher level enemies, but also higher loot.


Ideally, this integrates with survival/hazard systems.


This makes planet delving possible.


2) Survival/hazard system.


Different purpose suits. Suit crafting table. Hazards more punishing.


This requires a better health system. This breaks down into short term and long term. Onset and pathological illness.


So, short term can be cured at infirmaries/reliant medical. Long term only cured at the Clinic or if renegage, Eleos retreat.


Onset cause temporary damage or nerfs, but wear off. Pathological become permanent.


"Long term" and "Pathological" illness induces short term pathologies. Make sense? This is the system that interacts with increased hazards.


Survival food system means if you periodically, consistently don't eat, you can get the short term pathology of anemia. Long term it's bone or pancreatic disease.


3) Better planets


This is not herds of No Man's Sky animals. It's canyons of finding ONE animal, but it's high scan/survey value. You need a better survey system where survey needs are fulfilled by one scan, but outpost/material needs are fulfilled with deeper, repeated scans.


It shouldn't be about a walking simulator scanning.


It should be a canyon with hazards and enemies, and hunting a rare beast. To get data on an alien.


4) Scarcity spaceship mode.


Low fuel. Low workbench materials.


This means putting it all together so you have to delve into high hazard zones, hunt big aliens, deal with massive hazards with high level spacesuits, so you can get specific materials to upgrade and build new suits. Improve outposts an scanners so you can find beasts and materials and buff loot. Finally fuel and spaceship upgrades to FINALLY leap to the next planet.


These four updates will make starfield a fixed and complete game with a basic gameplay loop. If you can see the vision, you know this isn't rocket science and is achievable.

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