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Sorry for not posting for a fair time as I have been ill and have had to focus on other matters. I am in debt to my brother, Robert55, for his feedback and wish more readers would do the same, sigh!

:thumbsup: = okay :thumbsup: :thumbsup: = good :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: = very good


:wallbash: = over complicated plot


:wub: = I totally adore, am besotted by, am obsessed by, this story topic


:huh: = Am not sure of what feedback to give but would like to keep reading the story


:wacko: = too much weird stuff in the story


:facepalm: = not responding because I have never read this story topic


:dance: = where are all the dancers?

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After careful thought I have decided to end this story and begin it again it future with a more simpler plot and a storyline more oriented, at first for many posts, to a more canon Tamriel. If you do not like this idea than it is up to you to tell me so. I will not have the story topic locked up for some time to come. Thank you!


Alternatively N :down: = do not stop the story topic and Y :thumbsup: = yes, do stop and reread later.


I have been trying to simplify my writing in my Fallout Stories Epic story topic. I suggest you take a look at it!

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