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everspace 2 - an alternative to starfield ?


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I have tried the game and found that it is interesting, but not like Starfield at all. You are correct, it is a space shooter and does have some rpg elements to it. The only thing is that, at least in the parts I have played, any action on star bases are done in cutscenes. I have not been able to walk around on a star base or any where else except in cutscenes. You get to go hunt for materials for crafting and at star bases you can craft parts and other times for your space craft. You might like it, each individual is different. The only way to know for sure is to try it for yourself.

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no, it is not exactly like starfield but it is a complete space game with the priority on true space travel with beautiful graphics and dlss support. no bugs at all so far and nice trading and upgrading capabilities. it has a story with cut scenes but the space exploration (ship wrecks, puzzles, collecting items and materials and so on) is done in missions. just check out on youtube.

my intention was surely not to inspire happy starfield gamer, but more the ones who miss space travel feeling or don't like that their ship is trapped behind loading screens or do not need a tedious quest overhead

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