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"Queen of the Highway" (new?) bug - help, please?


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The quest...stalls, right after you first get into the Basilisk with Panam and she says "Are you ready?"


No prompts for further dialogue after that and nothing to interact with when looking around the cockpit. I haven't been able to find anything on it anywhere, and obviously I can't run off somewhere and back to see if that fixes it.


I've been stuck with it for a while on my fresh playthrough with PL, keep checking in to see if advancing other quests knocks something loose, but nothing has.


Has anyone else encountered this bug? Any thoughts on how I might be able to fix it, or in a pinch bypass this via a console command?


Any assistance here would be appreciated, thanks.

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Will it hurt your feelings if I tell you that's the one bit of help that I don't appreciate? I am hoping to avoid that! lol


Seriously, though, thanks for the reply.


Did you do all of that one at a time manually? I've been wondering if I could just zip up the folders in question since I'd be verifying files anyways. Might make the re-adding of mods a lot less time consuming.

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I use Vortex to manage crappy situations like that. I have a "Zero Mod" profile and a "Modded" profile, and literally, a single press of a button is what it takes to remove/re-install all mods (okay, two buttons, I press Purge too to remove all traces of the uninstalled mods).


Some peeps will disagree, but in my opinion, Vortex is perfect for managing large sets of mods. For my previous play-through I installed a so called "collection" with about 130+ mods, believe me, that would have been a real PITA to remove/re-add manually.


Unfortunately, I did not find any other solution. I suspect that one of the "essential mods" that hooks into the scripts run by the game is the culprit. And since it is essential, all the other dependent mods must be disabled if you chose to remove it.


Btw, I ran into another "freeze" when I finished the "King of the Pentacles" route in Phantom Liberty - the credits would not play and I did not get the achievement either until I removed all of my installed mods for the pre-credits save point.


You could try to back up the modded folders inside the game's directory, it might work.

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