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How do I enable "Move" deployment method? Can't deploy mod, game is installed on exFat drive.


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I'm trying to get Vortex to work with Payday 2. My game is installed on an exFat external hard drive, it does not work with Symlink but Vortex keep trying to use Symlink to deploy mods. When I try to change deployment method to "Move deployment (Experimental)", the option is not there, how do I make it appear?


Another game I got Vortex working correctly is Blade and Sorcery and the option is there, but it's not shown in Payday 2.

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Move deployment is not available if it doesn't appear in the drop-down.


The best thing you can do (if possible) is to reformat your drive as NTFS. If you're not planning on using it with anything but a Windows machine it'll not behave any differently and will be compatible with symlinks.

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