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(SOLVED)Level up crash when hit raise attribute button.


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Skyrim SE 1.5.97


CPU: i9-13900KS
GPU: RTX-4090
RAM: 128GB

The game crashes at the leveling-up menu as I hit any of the raise attribute buttons.

The skill menu works fine if only not leveling up.
I can use my perk points and so on.

I used "Nolvus" as a base and made some modifications of my own.

I can't get any crash logs. Neither NetScriptFramework nor Crash Logger could generate a crash log.
I got a CTD right away after hitting the button.

And I've read all the threads about crashing at leveling-up menu, including this:
But I never had that mod installed.

It still crash even I took hours to revert my modlist modifications one by one.

Such a desperate situation.
I really appreciate any help you can provide.

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