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Line Skipping Glitch; No Ideas for a Fix


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Hello all, I've recently begun experiencing that glitch where characters skip their lines; obvious within moments of starting a new game when Lokir skips his first line and immediately talks to me...

I've been activating and deactivating all sorts of mods in my list, but nothing specific seems to be causing it... either I've recently downloaded a bunch of mods causing the same glitch or the problem is something larger.

The closest thing to a cause I can identify is that I have too many mods on my list; deactivating a number of ESLs seems to make it stop. But as I understand it, I should be able to have several thousand mods... I currently have less than 1500 active plugins, including somewhere around 240 ESPs.

I also have quite a few Nemesis, OAR and DAR animations; I heard having too many animation mods can cause problems...

Other than that, I'm at a complete loss for the cause... any help would be excellent.

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