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FPS Drop on opening menu, map, inventory - Force resetting memory/VRAM via mods


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This is a problem that i have been suffering from since the vanilla game came out (playing on linux/steam). FPS immediately drops to an unplayable rate if i open ESC menu, map or inventory (at it's peak in crowded areas like Kabuki, minimal to none in outskirts and nomad areas). It is possible to negate this effect by going to a less crowded location via fast travel, or by changing graphics settings like cascading shadows, dlss/FidelityFX at first; but later a loadgame or restarting the game is a hard requirement.  According to the game's forums there is still no known solution to this.

So the question is: Is there a way to force reset memory cache, VRAM or whatever via the modding tools? It would be nice to release the piling up resources via CET/scripts

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